A New Year's Poem by Sukanya Dutta

A new year's poem

by Sukanya Dutta

Let the dawn stretch upon the horizon

Let the sun bring the golden ray

Let the birds get along to sing a song

To welcome the new year's day.

Let the eyes catch the sky's molten gold

Let the ears hear the music now

Let the moment make the event simply bold

To help the hope in the heart plough.

Let the mind put aside all the pain

Let the joy overtake the place

Let the glow overflow the road again

To show us the path of the grace.

Let the day make us say “happy we are!”

Let the feelings dance in the heart

Let the warmth bring it close, which is far

To give us all a beautiful start.

Sukanya Dutta Sukanya Dutta is a versatile artist from Kolkata. She is primarily a vocal and screen artist having quite a few music albums, live performances, television serials and films to her credit. She is an artist dedicated to creativity in different aspects of fine arts.

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Sukanya can be reached at sukanya [at] sukanyadutta.com - visit her homepage at sukanyadutta.com.