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A new Indian Hindi serial Powder is aired on SONY TV channel from Jan 3, 2010 at 9 PM. Read the complete synopsis and cast details. Watch promo video online.

SYNOPSIS (from official web-site)

The power of terrorism and the power of underworld no longer mean gunshots and hoaxes. 'Powder' is the story of the new scenario in substance abuse - a generation embracing drugs as part of their living and about the men who know how inject this habit steadily so as to make fortune out of it. Powder – an insight of the drug lord, Naved Ansari, and an honest team of Narcotics Control Bureau led by Usmaan Malik who plans to nab Ansari before he can hoodwink the system into letting him go Scot free. The web of power, addiction, money, values, corruption, justice, and deceit is what powder will take you through on its journey.

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CAST (from official web-site)

Usmaan Ali Malik, Superintendent, Narcotics Control Bureau: Meet the most experienced and efficient officer of the NCB who thinks parallel and ahead of the person on his hit list. Meet the man trying to make the most out of the system by staying in the system. His moist yet dry eyes, grin and alcohol driven laugh lines tell tales of his learning from the years of experience. In an external battle to abolish the drug abused scenario and an internal battle of whether he has lost more than what he gained in life, he unknowingly has set a perfect example for his team.

Naved Ansari - The Drug Lord: Ansari, is the next big thing in the underworld, the drug demon. He is who the Narcotics Control Bureau is hunting for sleeplessly. A planned, analyzed and strong & evolved sense of business move makes it difficult for anyone to gather evidence against this drug lord.  A definitely challenging puzzle he leaves for the cops to figure, such is the mind of the criminal genius.

Brinda Sawhney, Intelligence Officer: Gorgeous looks, stable career, marriageable age and clearly comfortable lifestyle. But Brinda wanted more out of life than the usual. She is the only woman, in the male cluttered NCB. Constantly criticised for her vulnerability, and made to feel insignificant and weak, she has set out to break the myth of women can’t survive in male chauvinistic and brash enforcement set up. Dealing with pressure of politics, trying to uncover the ugly case of drugs influx, camouflaging her real self to get her way out and trying to do complete justice to her capabilities, Brinda’s journey is not that of an ordinary girl.

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