Film Review - CHA-E-CHUTI (2009) Bengali Movie - Tollywood Opens Up To Sex, Kisses and Lesbianism On Film

Cho-E-Chuti Poster Chaw E Chuti Chow E Chuti Those of you who are old enough to have watched Tapan Sinha's 1980 blockbuster Bancharamer Bagan (DVD) will surely remember actress Devika Mukherjee's depiction of a young girl on fire. The newly married girl conveyed her burning desire to her rather innocent husband and drew him into the fields - her brilliance in acting is demonstrated by all this conveyed to the audience via just using the power of expression in the human eyes. The audience, of course, could not fail to grasp the point that the director was making, and it was not a surprise to anybody that Bancharam, driven by eager anticipation of a grandchild, postponed his death and giving away his garden to the local zamindar.

Devika Mukherjee displayed her acting power in a few films, including Mrinal Sen's seminal Akaler Sandhane (DVD) and Tapan Sinha's Adalat O Ekti Meye (DVD). She then disappeared from the radar of Indian Cinema.

It is fascinating to wonder what would Tapan Sinha have done to portray a similar scene in the 21st century. The cacophony emanating from Tollywood, from both mainstream and parallel film-makers, is that Bengali movie is now going through, or possibly already gone through, some sort of a liberation.

In a recent interview with Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta (which you can listen online HERE), Rituparna talks about the changes in lifestyle in all strata of contemporary Bengali society driving an evolution in Bengali film. It would appear from the buzz all around that the evolution, if it is indeed happening, is nowhere near complete.

One of the contributing factors is that kissing and intimate adult scenes are still cause of "news" in the Indian media, and worse, used to the hilt by Internet  keyword spamming web-sites whose only goal is to get traffic to click on their PPC ads to make money. Though such postings are not much more than irresponsible journalism, such noise does tend to drown what should be much bigger news in experimental cinema by new Bengali directors. While "Lip-Lock with Locket Chatterjee" is a great page title to get search engines to the post, it does not convey the nuances and context of the film or the director's intent of expression on film. Of course, this is assuming the director set out to make a meaningful film in the first place, and not a soft-porn movie.

Director Aniket Chatterjee's debut feature film Cha-E-Chuti (Bengali, 2009) explores lesbian relationships, and boldly depicts intimacy between women including the famous kiss bewteen the characters of actress Locket Chatterjee and fresh face Dona. This is, of course, not the first attempt in Bengali cinema to try to address such a subject - Raima Sen and Mou had an affectionate, but perhaps not a full blown gay, relationship in Nil Nirjane (DVD), and director Q's Bish (2009) portrayed on-the-spurt lesbianism by girls gone wild on a night.

Cha-E-Chuti will doubtless carry on the evolution of Bengali film.

Film: Cha-E-Chuti
Rating: A
Director: Aniket Chattopadhyay
Star Cast: Dona, Locket Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Shilajit, Debshankar Halder
Release Date: Dec 18, 2009

Official Synopsis:

The movie based on the life of bunch of TV actors as they enjoy a trip to a beach to unwind. Though they like the surf and sand but some strange things happened and unstable their relationship.

- WBRi Kolkata Bangla Movie News

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