Shayan Munshi - Interview - Ekti Tarar Khonje (Stars Never Sleep) 2010 Upcoming Bengali and Bollywood Movie Actor

Shayan Munshi Bollywood ActorSayan Munshi is a fashion model and a rising Bangla and Indian Hindi Bollywood movie actor.

Sayan is the hero of the 2010 Bengali film Ekti Tarar Khonje (Stars Never Sleep). Ekti Tarar Khonje has a release date of June 18, 2010 in Calcutta. North American (USA and Canada) NRIs and NRBs can rent, download or watch the film online free via Netflix's one-month free offer by clicking here.

Sayan is a Bengali, and his career started in 2000, in Bombay with modeling. He knew he had the talent to go international, and worked hard to achieve that dream. He also got the opportunity to act in a bunch of music videos. The songs became big hits, thus also propelling Shayan into greater visibility. He caught the eye of Pritish Nandi Communications (PNC) and one day received a call requesting him to come over to PNC for a casting assignment. Shayan went there, and knowing PNC is big, asked what the casting was for. PNC told him it would be epic like Ramayana or Mahabharata - a TV serial. Shayan agreed, but also expressed his greater interest in film, not TV serials - especially new-age youth oriented movies. He auditioned for the TV serial and left for the day.

Two weeks later, PNC called Shayan, and informed him they were producing a Hindi movie titled "JHANKAR BEATS". At that time, Shayan instinctively accepted the role in the movie, though having no real experience in big-time Bollywood movie acting yet. JHANKAR BEATS went to be a commercial superhit at the box-office. It launched the Bollywood career of Shayan.

Coming to Bangla movies, Shayan has another interesting story to tell. Shayan's Bollywood career was well under way. However, Shayan is from Kolkata, and his parents live in Kolkata and had a wish to see their son acting in a Bengali movie. Once when he was visiting home, the day before he was scheduled to fly back to Mumbai, he got a call proposing a short meeting with the famous Anjan Dutta. So Shayan met with Joy Ganguly, executive director of Moxie Group, parent of Moxie Entertainment, and Anjan Dutta, at the Park Hotel in Kolkata. They chatted for a while, bounced ideas, that eventually became the script for the superhit Bangla film BONG CONNECTION.

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