SHAAN - Interview | Bengali and Hindi Film Songs Playback Singer

Shaan - Bollywood singer latest albumPopular Bangla and Bollywood Hindi Film Songs playback singer Shaan talks about his career and the current scene of playback songs in Indian cinema.

Shaan - Shantanu Mukherjee - is one of the top singers in India. At the time of this interview, Shaan is 37 years old. He attributes his spectacular success partly to luck - he says there are many talented singers, but becoming or not becoming famous is often a matter of fortune. Shantanu says in his case there really was no extraordinary amount of effort or struggle - and things kind of fell into place one after another for him. His father, Manash Mukherjee, and his mother were both singers - there may be some genes he inherited.

Shaan and his sister Sagarika started singing jingles (for ads) from a very early age - as young as 6. Shaan has been singing as a playback singer in Hindi films from 2000.

Also in this interview Shaan talks about the differences between playback singing and singing for music albums, the relationships between specific music directors and playback singers and actors and playback singers like classic Indian cinema. Shaan says times have changed, and the relationships that typically existed, like between Devanand and Kishore Kumar, or singers and music directors in old Hindi songs, no longer exist. Also, audio mixing techniques have changed, and now it is difficult to say who the singer is based on listening to a film song because of processing of the voice during mixing.

A very interesting interview by VOA Washington Bangla Radio. Download songs by Shaan in digital MP3 format: click here >

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