DEV - Interview | Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Actor - Bangla Cinema Hero Deepak Adhikari is Tollywood's New Hope

Bengali Cinema Hero DevDev Adhikari is an upcoming Bangla movie actor from Kolkata. Many of his movies are already big box-office hits.

In this interview, listen to Dev talk about his modeling career, background as work as an actor.

Dev Adhikari - you are a rapidly rising star in Bengali cinema - how did you get involved in the world of Bengali movies ?

DEV: I am from the distrcit of Midnapore [in West Bengal, India], my village is in Midnapore. I have passed out (in India, "Pass Out" means "graduated") with a degree in computer engineering from Pune. I used to do modeling in college - in a local college level. I was not very serious about it.

Suddenly one day, a gentleman saw me around town, and came and met me and asked me "would you like to act in Bengali films ?"

Honestly at that time I was never serious - I thought I would try acting in one movie ... ultimately that film became a superhit. The name of the movie is "I Love You".

Then I became very serious about acting, and started loving my profession. My next movie was released 14 months after my first one - I wanted to make sure the 2nd film received a minimum credibility and I did not end up being a one-film wonder, and people did not think of my first film becoming a blockbuster by fluke. Fortunately, my 2nd film was also a box office superhit, and I have not had to look back again.

Contemporary Bengali movies involve a dance, songs, fights ... in urban and rural environments. Some characters are pretty complex as well. In your movies, which role did you have to work the most on, and kinds of roles do you enjoy most ?

DEV: Let me talk about four movies of mine. The first three were purely romantic dramas, with not much scope for action. The 4th movie, CHALLENGE, was completely an action movie.

I think first one has set a platform, set a base - if you have a base established, then you can experiment from there. If I start experimenting from the onset, I don't think I will be around for long - because I will not have an identity. It is very important to have an identity first.

It was important for me to create a romantic image first - which I did in the first three films - then broke that image in the 4th one. My next movie release on 24th July 2009 in Calcutta has a very different role - very mature, very serious. I cannot claim that this is a completely different role because it is a commercial movie and we have been making movies for 50 - 60 years and it will almost certainly be incorrect to say the kind of role I will play has not been seen before - because irrespective of what anybody says, all movies have a touch of inspiration from other movies. However, I did try to play my role a bit differently.

What are the names of the directors you are working with currently ?

DEV: The name of the director of my next film is Ravi Kinnagi. He also directed my debut movie. I acted in I Love You and Premer Kahini both directed by Ravi Kinnagi in succession. He is very senior - of my father's generation, and I consider him a guru of mine, he gave me my first break. There is another film upcoming in Pujo directed by a fresh director, the film is called Dujone. These are the two films I am doing now.

Which actresses have you worked with ?

DEV: My first movie had a new Bengali actress - her name was Payel. The next two films were with Koel Mullick. Then, my last film Challenge - the heroine's name is Subhashree Ganguli. I am currently doing another film with Subhashree Ganguli.

How do you like this new profession, which has no involvement of computers ?

DEV: Heaven-and-hell difference, because in college there were assignments every day, to process data, to think, to do experiments, to think about how to proceed with the software next day, or what's the new syllabus ... in this field, I think the pressure is of a different kind - not academic - here I have to be very patient, I have to figure out how to invent myself from the inside, as opposed to computers which work on external data ...

Who is your idol ?

DEV: I believe if I stay the course and walk towards the Sun, perhaps some day I will reach the moon. My idol is Uttam Kumar.

- Interview by VOA Bangla Radio News

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