Interview - Monideepa Bagchi - Dancer, Choreogrpaher and founder of Shrishti creative Dance troupe

Monideepa Bagchi | Srishti Dance Troupe

Manideepa Bagchi had her initial training in Bharatnayam and Manipuri styles. She started learning dance at the age of six from Naresh Kumar and completed a six year course on Bharatnyam from 'Prayag Sangit Prabhakar'. She received one year training in Odissi dance from Guru Murali Dhar Majhi. She also learnt khathakali from Guru Govindan Kutty. At the age of fifteen she made her debut on the television with a Rabindranath Tagore dance drama under the guidance of Naresh Kumar, her first guru. She also learnt Western contemporary dance, Martha Graham's created modern dance from different campus dancers like Nana Glesin,m Linda Davis and many other famous dancers who visited India at different times, She also learnt Uday Shankar style of dance which is not a mélange of different forms, but a unique style with strong Indian root, capable of expressing a wide range of subjects.

Monideepa had been with Ananda Shankar’s troupe for twelve years and within these twelve years she had carved a niche for herself in the troupe through dedication, talent and sheer determination. She has performed all over the world with the troupe. Her first tour abroad was in 1979 to Japan. She visited Kuwait several times in 1980-81. In 1983 she visited Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanazania and Nairobi in Africa. Her performance was critically acclaimed in 19 states of the USA. She performed in Moscow, Russia, in 1988 in connection with the Festival of India. In 1990-91 she visited different places in Europe like Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

In her endeavor towards creative pursuit, she has successfully amalgamated the traditional as well as creative styles so as to strengthen the roots of classical dance by creating mass awareness through her troupe ‘Srishti’ which includes dancers of great promise who have an independent standing in the world of creative dancing. Together they hope to create something different and new but which will at the same time be part of the great Indian tradition and which will have an abiding an universal relevance. She is also running her own institution, where she teaches the creative style of dancing along with the classical forms.

Monideepa is now turning towards film choreography in a Bengali-Oriya double version cinema, with several such projects on dance music and dramatics, she globe trots in the hope of bridging the existing void in the modern society through her creations.

Monideepa choreographed for 500 street children for a world conference held in Kolkata Science City in 2001. In 1999 and 200 she went to London to perform at an India Food Festival organized by an Indo-Bangladeshi Organization. She used to teach voluntarily at a ‘home for disabled children’ where Mr. Steve Waugh is honorary president. Monideepa was co-choreographer for the national games’ opening ceremony held in Vizag in 2003. Her troupe Srishti perform in different prestigious dance festival held in India.

In this VOA Bangla Radiointerview, Monideepa Bagchi talks about about her dance style, her company Shrishti and other issues.

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