Sourabh Goho - The Young Expert of Indian Classical Instrumental Tabla


Son of Renowned Harmonium Exponent PANDIT JYOTI GOHO, Sourabh was nurtured into Tabla Playing from a very tender age of 5.

He started Learning Under The Legendary Tabla Maestro, PANDIT SHANKAR GHOSH, from age 7, since 1998.

His First Performance was at the age Of 10, with his Guruji Pandit Shankar Ghosh's Orchestra in the year 2000.

In 2003,He got a Special Prize from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, in an Instrumental Competition. After this, he was invited by Vistaar - An Organization for Promoting Indian Classical Music. This was his Debut Solo Performance in the year 2003. The next Day , his picture came out in Hindusthan Times (HT City) With Reviews appreciating his performance. This is a very rare achievement in a Debut Performance.

In the year 2005, He also got a marvelous opportunity to render his Performance in front of Gurus, in ITC Sangeet Research Academy.

Sourabh Goho | Washington Bangla Radio ExclusiveIn Feb 2006, he got yet another opportunity to perform Solo in his Guruji-Pandit Shankar Ghosh's house.

He has also Performed in some videos which were directed By his Guru Pandit Shankar Ghosh for Promoting Indian Classical Tabla in France.

He has the rare distinction of becoming a Gandabandh -Shishya of his Guru, in September, 2007.

He is very fortunate to accompany one of the Legends of Kirana Gharana, LATE PANDIT A.KANAN , during his riyaaz Sessions.

In Jan 2008, he received third Prize in Maya Mitra Instrumental Competition for his excellence.

Recently, he has Performed in Jhulanjatra Music Festival in August 2009 & at ITC Sangeet Research Academy on 1st Nov, 2009 in a Lecture Demonstration of his Guruji, Great Tabla Maestro Pt. Shankar Ghosh.

Washington Bangla Radio asked Sourabh about his career, training and thoughts. Sourabh responds to our questions, in his own words:

Sourabh Goho | Washington Bangla Radio Exclusive Tell us about your birthplace, family and very early influences in music

I was born in Kolkata, in a musical background on 21st January, 1991

Music is in my blood because from the very childhood I have grown up listening to music at home. My Father is Harmonium Exponent Pandit Jyoti Goho and my mother is Smt Bandana Goho. My Mother teaches music at home, she is not a professional musician. I don't have any sibblings, I'm the only child of my parents.

My father wanted me to learn vocal. I also started learning under him, but he found that I had more interest towards tabla so he took me to the Tabla Maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh, when I was 7. This is how I got into Music.

Your teachers, Guru ? Who foresaw you becoming a great classical performer ?

I am learning tabla from Pt Shankar Ghosh. Guruji always tells me that I have the potential to be a successful tabla player / purcussionist in future. The only thing I'll have to do is Practise ,Practise and Practise!!!!

I'm just a beginner now. I have just started performing in some concerts in Kolkata, like Jhulanjatra Music Festival, ITC Sangeet Research Academy and others.

You seem to be very young - tell us about your life outside being a classical musician ?

I'm not married. Acctually, I am 18 now amd Studying in College. Subject : Accountancy Honours.

Advice for other young and upcoming musicians ?

I only belong to this group of Young/ Upcoming Musicians, but Still I am telling some, What I have learnt from my elders:

Sourabh Goho | Washington Bangla Radio ExclusiveThere is no alternative to practise. It is the only thing which can make you perfect! Concentrate and Practise more, you'll definitely reach your goal one day.

Share with us some moments from your sparkling career in music that you fondly remember...

Till now, the most memorable concert was to play in a Lecture Demonstration of my Guru the great Tabla Maestro Pt Shankar Ghosh at the prestigious ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata. Date- 1st November 2009

I was really lucky to perform infront of some great Indian Classical musicians Like Pt Shankar Ghosh(Guruji), Bidushi Sanjukta Ghosh (Guruma), Pt Ajoy Chakraborty, Pt Samar Saha, Subhankar Banerjee, Sugato Nag and  Pandit Jyoti Goho (Father).

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