Manu Malhotra's Bunch of Buddies - A Refreshing New Approach to Bengali Movie Production

In a time when Bengali film is facing stagnation and gradually becoming irrelevant due to the failure to be flexible enough to adapt to a new globalized economy and culture and great shifts in cinema production, packaging and distribution paradigms, it is encouraging to see the interestingly name Bunch of Buddies led by Manu Malhotra come forward with refreshingly modern vision and outlook, and not only design a blueprint for success based on a thorough understanding of the quantum leaps in media generation and distribution, but also execute the plans with remarkably contemporaneous progressive outlook.

While some companies sit and wait to see how the market plays out, Manu is boldly proceeding to actually define the way the new generation in music and film will play out.

Subhomoy Mukherjee, Washington Bangla Radio Kolkata Tube correspondent, met with Manu and writes about the man, his vision, thoughts and future plans:

When Mumbai based industrialist Manu Malhotra decided to finance films, he did not choose Bollywood but our very own Tollywood Bangla Movie industry as a Producer – this is his tribute to Bengal where he has been groomed up and spent for more than 15 years. Mr. Malhotra is a regular film viewer and loves to see simple intelligent musical films and comedy films. So when he decided to produce films, he considered musical comedies with good story lines, and produced the Musical Hit Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (2009, Bengali). According to him, film is a passion to him now after involving physically with every work of Pa Ma Ga Re Sa on daily basis. He has started with a team combining new talent as well as established but relatively new in Bengali Film industry along with veterans of Bengali Film and he likes to continue further with the team of companions and technicians to bring the flavor of corporations and homely atmosphere in Bengali Film Industry. Not only that, he has changed the marketing strategy of Bengali film industry by lavish and wide network marketing of the movie Pa Ma Ga Re Sa. One thing is good that he does not portray himself as a single film producer rather he is getting more interest and devoting more money and time for the advancement of Bengali cinema. Moreover, he is ready to explore his ventures with new talents from every area of film industry ( He is launching a New Hero in his next venture ) and he likes to continue with unique strong story lines which should have flavour of Bengali Films of 1970s and 1980s so that Bengali Audience from all segments of the society should come to watch Bengali Films again. We wish him all the success.

The Soundtrack OST of Pa Ma Ga Re Sa is being distributed by Purple Music, a division of Purple Leaf Entertainment, an equally modern and progressive company as Bunch Of Buddies. Download the songs from Pa Ma Ga Re Sa in MP3 format from our online digital store.