POMPIYA - PICNIC Exclusive Bengali Children's Songs MP3 Download Release | Chotoder Bangla Gaan

Bangla Children's Songs - Chotoder Gan Online MP3 Download PICNIC is a fantastic Chotoder Mon Matano Gaan album - Bengali Childrens' songs that are sure to be a source of joy for kids. Parents will want to check this album out - it is available with free preview samples in a MP3 download online digital delivery format. The child-artist singer is Pompiya.

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1. Aai Dekhe Jaa
2. Bhorbelate Sona Rode
3. Chalo Chandey Giya Picnic Kori
4. Dang Dadadang Dang
5. Kailas Theke Maa Durga
6. Maago Amai Bolo Nago
7. Nengti Naache Tiring Biring
8. Rakshasto Aajo Aachhe