Indian Farmers commit suicide to save families in PEEPLI LIVE (2009) Indian Hindi Movie at Sundance Festival 2010, Utah, USA

Peepli Live - Theatrical Trailer

A still from Peepli Live from 2010 Sundance Festival web-site

Director Anusha Rizvi's debut feature film Peepli Live will be the first ever Indian movie in the famed Sundance Festival in 2010. Peepli Live takes up the difficult issue of disproportionately large numbers of farmers committing suicide in rural India to let their families take advantage of a government assistance program for families of farmers.

Peepli Live has a theatrical release date of August 13, 2010 in Indian cinemas.

Sundance Twentyten will be held in Park Ciry, Utah during January 21 - 31, 2010. For festival info, ticketing and attendance details, check out their information-filled web-site.

Peepli Live - Synopsis

(From the Sundance Festival official entry):

On the eve of national elections in the Indian village of Peepli, two poor farmers, Natha and Budhia, face losing their land over an unpaid government loan. Desperate, they seek help from an apathetic local politician, who suggests they commit suicide to benefit from a government program that aids the families of indebted deceased farmers. When a journalist overhears Budhia urge Natha to “do what needs to be done” for the sake of their families, a media frenzy ignites around whether or not Natha will commit suicide. Soon Natha becomes a cause célèbre, who draws out the true character and motivations of those who cross his path.

Anusha Rizvi’s auspicious first feature, Peepli Live, is a fresh and intelligently spun satire of the real life epidemic of farmer suicides that have plagued India for the past decade. With a deft hand, Rizvi infuses humor and buoyancy in depicting this tragic predicament, illuminating the true colors of many corridors of Indian society.

Peepli Live Official Poster and Synopsis

The following poster and synopsis are courtesy of the offcial Facebook page maintained by Aamir Khan Productions and UTV Motion Pictures:

Peepli Live (2010) Hindi Movie Poster

In a tiny corner of a giant country a poor farmer is about to lose everything. His brother has a plan to win it all back!

‘Peepli Live’ is a satire, which revolves around a villager from Central India called Natha, his brother Budhia and their family. The family is about to lose their land because they are unable to repay a loan, when, they hear of a government programme which offers the family of any farmer committing suicide a compensation of rupees 100,000 ($2000). The older brother convinces his sibling into agreeing to commit suicide. This sets in motion a chain of events which finds Natha in the eye of a storm. The local big wigs, the state government, high ranking bureaucrats, federal ministers and the national media all become stakeholders in the mad circus that erupts.

This is the story of India today. Rural society, the bureaucracy, media, politics and life.

Peepli Live - Cast & Crew

Writer / Director: Anusha Rizvi
Cast: Omkar Das, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Raghubir Yadav, Shalini Vatsa, Farukh Jaffer and more
Producer: Aamir Khan
Coproducer: Ronnie Screwvala / UTV Motion Pictures
Music: Mathias Duplessy
Cinematography: Shankar Raman
Editing: Hemanti Sarkar
Art director: Suman Roy Mahapatra