Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (2009) Bangla Movie Review - report from the film's Premiere

Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Bangla Movie Poster

Pa Ma Ga Re Sa – A Musical Bonanza

Pa Ma Ga Re Sa – Dekha hobe ki? I should say “Dekhte hobei” I mean it's a must see movie. Pa Ma Ga Re Sa is an addition to the league of contemporary off-beat urban audience oriented smart Bengali Movies for which Bengalis are coming towards Tollywood again, specially Generation Y because the movie has the entire flavour of Generation Y. Not only that, the movie is fresh in every sense as it is the 1st of production of Bunch of Buddies Production with new Director and Music Director as well as Actors like Rohit Ray and Reshmi Ghosh, basically from Mumbai TV industry, and Gauri Karnik.

The producer and distributor spent a lot for location, technicalities as well as marketing of the movie and I must say that they should  recover the money, no! they should make huge profit as this quality film should be a hit with Urban audiences as well as their Overseas companions. I should not write the detail story here- you have to watch it at theater!! In short, the story, as one can assume influenced by old hit Bengali and Hindi Movies, is a simple triangular love story of two singer sisters ( unaware uptil a certain point that they are sisters ), Paramita ( cast: Reshmi Ghosh ) and Rai ( cast: Gauri Karnik ) with upcoming Music Composer Samrat ( cast: Rohit Roy ) which involves sacrifice, insecurity, misunderstanding, ditching and all other feelings and values of life but it is unique in its approach with a relatively strong script – Hats off to Director Surajit Dhar!! Style of presentation as narrative, is also pleasant and newly conceptualized.

Newcomer Rajesh Roy as a Music Director is talented and versatile and classical based “Aaji tumi ke aasile” by Pritha and “kichu bolo na” are good creations. Choosing of set and locations are also good supported by innovative cinematography.

This musical movie has a message to the World – the message of resurrection and promotion of Bengali Music Industry as base of the movie is a music album “Pa Ma Ga Re Sa!!” and the movie itself helps to generate market for Bengali Film Industry.

All other actors like Barun Chanda, Tanushree Shankar, Biswajit Chakrabarty, Saswata Chattejee truly justify their roles.

The background score by Kalyan Sen Barat is bit nostalgic in nature.

But there is one weakness for the movie – the link up at very last part is not proper rather to say , was made in a hurry.


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- WBRi exclusive report by Subhomoy Mukherjee, Washington Bangla Radio, Calcutta