Kamal Nathani's With Love Tumhaara (2010) Bollywood Hindi Film

With Love Tumhara Bollywood movie posterWith Love Tumhara
Producer: BGIL
Starcast: Sharad Saxena, Praveen Dabbas, Nakul Vaidya, Preety Jhingani, Anupama Verma, Pankaj Berry, Lalit Parashar and more

The upcoming Bollywood Hindi movie With Luv Tumhaara (2010) is a love story in the backdrop of Army. Anuradha, a beautiful young girl belonging to a upper middleclass family is in love with Akshay who is the only son of Retired Col. Mahendra Kapoor. The film would be shot on a beautiful hill station.

Akshay who is a Captain in the Army is known for his heroics and is hugely famous with his teammates. At a very young age his mother had died of terminal illness after which he had looked after his father. He is a happy go lucky chap who loves to give surprises. Anuradha too has been very close to Akshay’s father. Anuradha is engaged to be married to Akshay.

As Akshay is called for service in an emergency operation being carried out, he leaves his father’s responsibility to Anuradha . After many days the war comes to an end and Akshay seems to be returning home. Just then the news of “Akshay is missing” shatters Col. He hides this news from Anu.

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While waiting for Akshay , she would go to the bus stop every day. After few days of waiting one day Anu notices a familiar face , same as Akshay’s.

Anu feels that Akshay has come back. But then she find out that it is Rahul , Akshay’s team mate and best friend, who had come to surrender them Akshay’s belongings. Both Anu and father find it very strange that the nature, mannerisms and attitude of Rahul exactly matched with Akshay.

After Anuradha accidentally learns that Akshay is no more , she decides to live a widow’s life much to the shock of her parents. She decides to live with Col. Mohinder and look after him. Col. Puts a condition that she would live like his daughter and not like a widow. Akshay had written a diary where he had expressed his special experiences in life. Rahul informs Anuradha that Akshay had taken a promise from him that in case of any eventuality he would go personally and give the information. Akshay’s father believing that God has sent his son back in form of Rahul pleads Anuradha to get married to him. But she gets annoyed and tells that she cannot even think of it.

Rahul falls in love with her but Anu cannot stand his sight as he always reminds her of Akshay. Anu’s this behavior forces him to leave.

After a few months Anu gets to know how much Rahul loved her as he was the one who left everything and started working for Anu’s social work which she had to abandon in between. He had even left his home and cared and looked after Col. Kapoor in her absence.

Col. tells her all about this and asks her to stop Rahul for if he goes now, he would never return. He tells her that I have found my Akshy in him and you also should accept him.

Anu tries to stop him but Rahul says that he wants to give her some time to think and departs but promises to return soon. Deep down Anu knows that she is going to miss him. She comes to know that she had developed a liking for him.

Will Rahul marry Anuradha?

Will Anuradha accept Rahul?

Akshay was the first love of her life.....

Rahul is a new entrant in her life.....

The answer is ...........

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