Mithun Chakraborty in Rakesh Bhatia's Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai Releasing on 25th Dec'09

Hindi Movie PosterNew Delhi, November 27, 2009

For the first time in World Cinema, real shoe-polish boys on Indian railway platforms play the lead roles. Watch the theatrical trailer online:

This Hindi feature film based on the four stree children of Mumbai (Dholak,Master,Jingur And Chillar)-All four children are doing shoe- polish on railway platform in order to earn their daily bread and butter. RPF police officer Rane often keeps an eye on these children and whenever he needs some pocket money,he forcibly takes some money from them. These children are livinng on the pavement , which is owed by one Dadu who is a sadak chaap goonda.Dagdu comes every night to collect his rent of pavement from these children.Dholak often plays Dholak a (Rhythmic Instrument) in order to kill daily stress & tension.

Ther is one more group of three street children on this platform,who do pick pocketing in peak hours,but Dolak & Co.always keeps an eye on this group and try to keep these children out of this platform.

Opposite to this platform, one Natt family often perform areobics & stunt on the road in order toearn money.Whenever Dhoklak hears the Natts sound,he always come out of the platform and watches these.Natts performing one day ,Dholak sees that Natt girl child is pick pocketting of the public , who are watching the natts performance.Dholak shouts as her, girl run away and Natts notice Dholak.Dholak tells this incident to his friends.

One day Dholak was playing Dholak alone near by his pavment Suddenly he sees one crime being done by the Natts in the midnight.The moment Dholak makes a noise, Natts notice Dholak,and they chase and kidnay Dholak.

Now Dholak has been disappeared and his friends are leaving no stone unturned in order to search him. They go to almost all the Govt.Organisations including Police Station, but no body is even intersted in their case ,its like India Govt. is not there for these street children at all.Master , Jingur and chillar lives have been Shattered. They have lost their hope.

The Film"Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai"

Produced by- Rakesh Bhhatia & Kumar Sanu

Presented by- ACR FILMS LTD.(U.K.)

in assiciation with


Executive Producer:

Syed Faizan Hussain

Writer & Director:

Kunwar Rabinder Parashar


4 Real Shoe Polish Boys, Mithun Chakrabarthy, Yaspal Yadav, Kashmira Shah

Language: Hindi

Releasing : 25th December 2009.

Notes to Editor

BGIL Films & Technologies Ltd. is a complete Film Production House having its own Digital post Production Studio at Andheri (W) Mumbai; BGIL Films has produced six films till date; it's a listed company with BSE. It's a part of the flagship company Bharatiya Global Infomedia Ltd. with its core operations being Digital Security & Surveillance (RFID Technology based) and Mobile based software solutions etc.

BGIL STUDIO, has set up a state of the art digital postproduction facility in Mumbai, handles prestigious clients like RGV/Varma Corporation, Prakash Jha Productions, Percept Pictures, Sahara, Vikram Bhatt and many more with the years of experience of creative mind-set in post-production and VFX to the Indian entertainment industry, be it motion pictures, commercials, trailers, music videos and special venue projects BGIL has had a proven records; BGIL has already productively completed 250 projects.

BGIL already armed with a full-fledged division of animation and multimedia is also planning to plunge into the business of Digital Transmission of movies through satellite in the future and also entering into Digital Signage.

BGIL Films& Technologies Ltd. has already produced six feature films, out of which three movies are ready for release like "The Saint Who Thought Otherwise", "Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai" and "Curfew". Further, it has already released "With Luv...Tumhaara"'; another film "Zabardast" is on floor in association with Ram Gopal Verma.

BGIL Films is an upcoming corporate house with a focus on Entertainment Industry; its vision includes the unique combination of merging technology with the entertainment industry needs.


One of the most prolific singers, Padmashree Kumar Sanu rocked the nation through his melodious and enigmatic voice. Padmashree Kumar Sanu was born named of "Kedernath Bhattacharjee" in Calcutta and and was trained as a singer and tabla player by his own father Pashupati Bhattacharjee, who was an accomplished classical vocalist and a fine composer. After getting a degree in commerce from Calcutta University, Sanu began performing publicly in 1979.

Finally, in1987, a renowned romantic ghazal singer and music director Jagjit Singh offered Sanu the chance to exhibit his singing talent in the hindi film, "Andhiyan". To give him wider appeal outside Bengal mania towards him, the maestro Kalyanji anandji gave Sanu his stage name, Kumar Sanu.

In 1990, Padmashree Kumar Sanu swept the feet of the audience who got mesmerized by his voice in the film "Ashiqui" and made his mark in the industry and in the hearts of the audience. According to his estimation, he sang over 14000 songs till date in 22 languages. He gave a testament not only to his polished technique, but to his unparallel ability to quickly and effortlessly master unfamiliar material in the studio by breaking Guiness World record singing 28 songs in a day.

The magnum of his popularity was such that the Mayor of the City of Dayton, Ohio USA announced that 31st march to be celebrated as Padmashree Kumar Sanu's day from 2001.

Kumar Sanu has been Honored with Padmashree Award for the year 2009.

In 2006, Sanu produced a film name "Uthaan" - a romantic thriller under his production house "Kumar Sanu Communications Pvt. Ltd." Now his production house is producing another film "Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata Hai" in partnership with BGIL Films & Technologies Ltd.

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