Copyright controversy over Kal Sadak Pe Chalte Chalte - Kurbaan (2009) Hindi Film Song

Renowed Bollywood music composer and director Babukishan has lodged a copyright infringement complaint regarding the song "Kal Sadak Pe Chalte Chalte" in the recent Bollywood movie "Kurbaan" (2009).

Kumar Sanu - Alka Yagnik - Babukishan
Babukishan with Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu

According to the complaint, the song - one of the finest romantic compositions and creation of the international and Bollywood filmmaker and composer Babukishan, was sung by the top Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu - and Salim-Sulaiman have "stolen" the song. Babukishan alleges that he and Sunil Khanna own the copyright to Babukishan's original composition, and the song was originally recorded by Kumar Sanu at Alka Yagnik's studio.

Babukishan has demanded Rs. 1.5 crores for breach of copyright and damages for the song "Kal sadak pe chalte chalte".

Babukishan said, "How dare they have without my permission or without my knowledge used my music and my own creation...they ruined my whole project with Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik".

Babukishan has shared videos on You Tube to back up his allegations - watch the videos online: