Rahul Bose will be haunted by employees he FIRED (2010)

Fired (2010) Bollywood Hindi Horror Movie Rahul BoseIf you are in danger of being laid off, make sure your boss watches Fired. Rahul Bose fires 121 people, and look what happens to him !

Bollywood's sudden affair with J-Horror continues with Fired - Ram Gopal Verma's J-horror film Phoonk-2 is also up for  release.

It should be interesting to find out how many bosses actually lay people off by saying "We've been downsized. You are fired."

Fired (2010) is an upcoming Bollywood Hindi movie starring Rahul Bose, Militza Radmilovic and Dinesh Lamba in lead roles.

The movie is largely in English language with spattering of Hindi - the little Hindi will alsobe dubbed into English for the international release.

Joy Mittal, the arrogant CEO of H.W.L.S, in a hard-nosed decision to repair his scandal ridden work record and prove his ability to emerge as a pioneering leader in times of financial crisis, fires all the employees from his London office to cope with the global economic slowdown.

Amongst the sacked employees is Ruby Herminson, 29, an alluring, sophisticated, career-driven woman, with whom a married Joy is having a long affair. Joy fires Ruby along with the rest of the people he considers expendable. After a trying day, Joy decides to finish off some paperwork before heading home, but soon realizes that the only possible means of leaving is the one he least bargained for.

Cornered in a deserted office, Joy soon realizes that there is a gruesome super-natural force in the building, which is hell-bent on extracting revenge for his ruthless actions. FIRED is the shocking tale of a man who pays a steep price for his cold-blooded actions.

In a time of economic turmoil, hard choices need to be made. Promotion has its perks. It also has a price.

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