A SHANTI – a peace program in Kolkata by ALSOC directed by Sounak Chattopadhyay | WBRi Exclusive Video & Audio event coverage

Raima Sen & Dhritiman Chatterjee - Ashanti Kolkata Show

Pramita Mullick - Ashanti Kolkata Show directed by Sounak Chattopadhyay

26/11 was the 1st anniversary of pathetic Mumbai Blasts. ALSOC, Alumni association of St. Xavier’s Kolkata, presented “A SHANTI – a peace program” to remember that incident at their premises at 6 P.M. giving the message for peace to the World.

Sting - Saunak Chatterjee directs Ashanti - Kolkata ShowThe concert was directed by Young talented singer, Sounak Chattopadhyay – he also conceptualized the concert and wrote the script. Beside him, Veteran famous singer Pramita Mallick, Neel Adhikari, Allan and Sayak were in singing accompanied by Prattyush Banerjee, Subrata Mukherjee and Debashish Saha in Music. Avisek Ganguly was in Audio-Visuals Creative and Design. Eminent Danseuse Alokananda Roy was in charge of Choreography and  Veteran Actor Dhritiman Chatterji along with Glamorous Actress Raima Sen narrated the entire script.

Sounak Chatterjee directs Ashanti - Kolkata ShowThe program was very well conceptualized, truly professional and enjoyable to and appreciable by audience. We are in hope to watch such qualitative programs in future from Sounak.

Below is the brief of the peace concert Shanti :

Sounak Chatterjee directs Ashanti - Kolkata ShowA SHANTI – a peace program
We have lit candles. We have made human chains. We have made strong statements. We admonished the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26/11/2008. But time passes.

We have not forgotten.

It has been one year since those dastardly attacks took place. The screams and tears are gone and we along with the aggrieved family members have very bravely moved ahead. But, after those attacks, St. Xavier’s , Park Street, and especially the alumni of the school vowed to do something about this terrorism. After a lot of deliberations, the idea was mooted that we should understand the psyche of terror, its historical references and plausible solutions. It has been an uphill task of conceptualizing a concert in which ALSOC could present to its city or rather mankind, the ugly face of global terrorism, and we have managed to present A Shanti.

Sounak Chatterjee directs Ashanti - Kolkata ShowA Shanti – a peace program, is an effort to portray the historical significance of terror and peace as cited by few of the greatest philosophers, thinkers, leaders as well as spiritual scriptures like the Bible,  the Koran to name a few. This unique concert is a song and dance drama inspired by both the good and the bad. In this case the bad is “global terrorism” but the good is a lethal and formidable force comprising of many greats and leading amongst them is ALSOC’s own alumni  (the founder member) - GURUDEV.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in his various literary compositions, poetry and songs has shown us the path to counter the evil of terrorism. Similarly, greats like Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation, Leo Tolstoy and even religious scriptures have endorsed the same. Many songs (internationally) have been written and sung to inspire us and show us the path and give us determination to counter this villain which has no particular name, sex, religion or ideology.

- Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi Kolkata News