23rd Salt Lake Music Festival - Salt Lake Cultural Association(SCA), Kolkata - Dec 26 - 28, 2009

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From 26th to 28th of December, 2009 4 PM to 10 PM everyday; Saltlake Cultural Association(SCA) presents 23rd Saltlake Music Festival in association with Axis Bank at Purbashree Auditorium of EZCC, Saltlake (Bidhan Nagar) in fond memories of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Santosh Krishna Biswas

Established on 26th November, 1986 SCA’s prime objective is to encourage and promote young talents of Indian Classical Music from both Indian and Foreign Origin as well as to protect Indian Classical Music. SCA is perhaps the only organization who holds their annual music festival every year in December tributing to the memory of a departed Maestro of Indian Classical Music. Beside Annual Show, SCA also organize 4 to 6 periodical Classical events every year.

Here is the list of some talents who has performed first at Saltlake Music Festival;-

Ustad Rashid Khan, Vocal: 1989
Purbayan Chatterjee, Sitar: 1992
Kaushiki Chakraborty Deshikan, Vocal: 2003
Sujaat Khan, Sitar: 1988
Dona Ganguly, Odissi Dance: 1993
Rimpa Sib, Tabla: 1995
Aman Ali Khan, Sarod: 1996
Ayan Ali Khan, Sarod: 1996
Niladri Kumar, Sitar: 1993
U Srinivas, Mandolin:1989
Keisuke Mutoi, Sitar: 2001 ( from Japan )
Ken Zuckermann, Sarod: 1992 ( from Switzerland )

Event Brochure / Flyer / Ticket:
23rd Salt Lake Bidhannagar Music Festival Flyer Brochure Ticket

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