KUSUMITAR GAPPO Bangla Movie Preview: Ena Saha as Footballer, Co-Starring Mohun Bagan Captain Shilton Paul

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)

Ena Saha and Shilton Paul in Kusumitar Gappo Bengali Feature Film Launch
Shilton Paul and Ena Saha

Kolkata, Dec 31 (Washington Bangla Radio) - It seems that the movies of sports genre will rule Bengali film Industry  in the year 2016. After Riingo’s  ‘Messi’, Tollywood recently had another announcement of a new Bengali movie which deals with soccer (football). The movie titled “ Kusumitar Gappo” will tell the story of a woman footballer who comes from a needy family residing in the core areas of the Sunderbans, her rise to fame, her fall due to an injury, and her struggle to survive.

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The cast and crew of Kusumitar Gappo recently came together at a press meet to talk at length about the film.

Young actress Ena Saha who has played the title role of Kusmita gave a glimpse of the story of Kusumitar Gappo: “I play the role of Kusumita who is a spirited footballer. She overcomes a lot of hurdles including oppositions from her own home to pursue her football career. Though she starts as a freelance player to earn some money for herself, she ultimately bags a slot in both national and state teams."

"But fate strikes as she gets her leg injured during a game. Her career comes to a halt. She moves every possible place for help to collect money for treatment but fails. Ultimately her father arranges for money by mortgaging their land and admits her to a hospital. At this point enters a sport reporter who covers her story of struggle and the story takes another turn with that. One needs to see the movie to know whats happens after that,” adds Ena.

The captain of the Mohun Bagan A.C. football team Shilton Paul is debuting as an actor in this film directed by Hrishikesh Mondol. Veteran actor Soumitra Chaterjee will be seen as a senior sports reporter. Popular actress of yesteryear Madhabi Mukheree will be seen playing his better half. Kharaj Mukherjee and Manasi Sinha will be seen playing the roles of Kusumita’s parents.

Kusumitar Gappo Bengali Film Unit

The story of the film has been conceived by Shanta Chakrabarty. The music of the movie is being composed by Sidhu. Saurav Banerjee is the director of Photography for the film while Aloke Dhara is in charge of  editing. Debasish Das and Pabitra Jana are the men behind art work and design. This film will  be the first venture  of ‘Tollywood Talkies’ into film production. Kingshuk Giri, owner of Tollywood Talkies is the executive director of this film.