Ridhima Sud Witnessed Nirbhaya Rapist Trial

By Sana Topiwala

Ridhima Sud

Mumbai, December 28th, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio) - In India where daughters are considered liabilities and the sex ratio is skewed alarmingly in favor of males, unfortunately a tale of a young and aspiring journalist in Delhi (Ridhima Sud) exposing Kajarya (Meenu Hooda) - a woman who goes around as Goddess Kali ritually killing female newborns - is not far from truth.

Kajarya - A story of female infanticide and widespread preference for male progeny in today’s India

Actress Ridhima Sud has been receiving positive reviews for playing the rookie journalist. Not many are aware that the actress had to go through intense research for her role where she had to trail a real journalist in order to get into the skin of the character. While preparing for the film she actually witnessed the trial of the accused men in the Nirbhaya incident.

Standing at a 15 feet distance from the accused the actress was horrified at the scene. The defense lawyer only seemed to be concerned with finding his 15 minutes of fame as described by her. "Nobody tells you it's not OK to cry at one of these things. I was in tears from feeling rage and the kind of pain that only a woman can feel for another..." exclaimed Ridhima.

The story of Kajarya revolves around female infanticide where Ridhima plays the role of a reporter. Consistently coming across as intense and disturbing to viewers and in the list of top five films to watch this year, Kajarya is a strong contender for the National Awards to be held next year.

The Nirbhaya incident is one that resonates even till today in the heart of every Indian citizen. Watch the Kajarya Hindi movie trailer in HD.