Sonnalli Seygall Chooses Bold Over Safe, Nails the Look at Stardust Awards

By Krupa Thakker

Sonnalli Seygall at Stardust Awards in short low-cut Surya Sarkarjump suit

Mumbai, Dec 22 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Sonnalli Seygall recently surprised everyone by wearing an attractive outfit she designed herself at the GQ Awards Fashion Night, and made more heads turn at the Stardust Awards last night as the actress decided to ditch the regular floor-length gown for a short-and-sexy Surya Sarkar jumpsuit.

Sonnalli Seygall at Stardust Awards in short low-cut Surya Sarkarjump suit

Talking about making this bold fashion statement at the awards ceremony the gorgeous actress said, “I love this time of the season where all the award functions are lined up.  While I did make few appearances and also enjoy wearing elegant floor length gowns, I was very clear of doing something different for this particular red carpet event. I found exactly what I wanted in this Surya Sarkar’s edgy-and-sexy jumpsuit and lucky for me, everyone really appreciated the look.”

The former Miss India International, who grew up in Kolkata, surprised guests by making this unusual choice. While almost all her contemporaries present at the event played it safe by turning up in their ball gowns and elegant sarees, Sonnalli certainly stood out and most importantly, nailed the look.

Dressed to kill with her looks, she carried herself with utmost confidence in this silver jaw-dropping attire which was well-cut to show off her lithe figure whose secret she revealed to WBRi a short time ago.

While many celebrities in the West have made such daring red-carpet appearances, Sonnalli seems to be one of the first in India. As she mentioned, the award season has just begun, and this appearance of Sonnalli seems to be just a sign of many more such statement-making looks to come from the gorgeous actress.