Miss Teen Mahika Sharma Reveals Tricks to Look and Feel Charming in Winter

By Subham Sharma

Mahika Sharma [WBRI]

Dec 16 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Miss Teen Northeast Mahika Sharma revealed how one can look good in the winter.

Winter is the coldest and yet the most beautiful season to look hot and be sexy. Days are short and nights become very long, and it is also the time when many people enjoy traveling with family and friends on vacation, enjoy wedding parties or just curling up in bed with a favorite book and a piping hot cuppa or with a bowl of noodles.

Perhaps some people won’t agree with this, because winter is also the time that aggravates medical conditions like arthritis, and freezing winter wind can turn our skin and hair dry, and render the scalp itchy. Even young people affronting final examinations in school get concerned.

Sharma shares the mantra of success in healthy skin and looking good in winter. She says, "Moisturizing our skin several times in a day using various body oils or lotion products containing avocado oil, primrose oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil or glycerin daily to reduce the dryness on our skin gives us healthy skin during winter. Apart from it we should drink lots of water."

"We all want to look beautiful even during the cold winter season. We should choose make-up colors that are suitable for winter, like anything in dark shade, and keep our eyes dark or black shaded," she adds.

"There should not be too much pressure on us to look good every time. Behaving well also works. Even to indicate the faults of your looks now and then it is wrong. Even after facing negative feedback around, still not bothered by what people think about my looks. I believe my parents look great so I am. You have to take a stand for that nor change yourself. I am comfortable with it myself to know what people talk about me. I don’t exactly make myself fool anymore. I can’t be bothered about everybody’s opinion or no one should be.” Mahika concludes.