Kangana Ranaut's Fandom Rises; New Fan Clubs Pop Up on Social Media

Kangana Ranaut [WBRi File Photo]

Mumbai, December 7 (Washington Bangla Radio / EveryMedia): Bollywood's highest-paid actress is seeing a viral increase in her fan base on social media.

Fans leave no stone unturned to show their love for their beloved celebrities, the lengths they go to is unparallel. Recently, Bollywood’s reigning queen Kangana Ranaut was showered with such love. Her fans have created a special Facebook and Twitter fan club and dedicated it to their beloved actress.

The fan club pages list recent news and updates of all that Kangana does in her daily life from her look in the upcoming movie Rangoon to the events that she had attended.

This seems like just the beginning, the way this diva has been going ahead, we can expect more of these gestures in the future.

The entire daily dose of the diva can be had on the official Kangana Ranaut Fan Clubs on Twitter and Facebook.