Jacqueline Fernandez British Horror Film "Definition of Fear" (English, 2015) Screening at Delhi International Film Festival

Jacqueline Fernandez in Definition of Fear Hollywood English Horror Movie (Screen Capture)

Mumbai, December 6 (Washington Bangla Radio): Four hot young girls spending a getaway in a cabin in the woods next to a lake take on one spirit in actress Jacqueline Fernandez's debut international film Definition of Fear that was screened at the opening day of the Delhi International Film Festival (DIFF).

Jacqueline Fernandez plays psychology student Sarah Fording. Her co-stars are Katherine Barrell as danseuse Victoria Burns, Mercedes Papalia as personal trainer Frankie Toms and Blythe Hubbard as singer Rachel Moore.

This is a milestone achievement in the Sri Lankan beauty's film career as she takes the first step into Hollywood.

Jacqueline looks absolutely gorgeous in this hair-raising film. Her infectious Bollywood charm will surely enchant the Hollywood audience too.

Definiton of Fear is directed by James Simpson. Watch the theatrical trailer of Definition of Fear (English, 2015):