Rati, Arjun and Mahika on World AIDs Day

By Subham Sharma


Rati, Arjun and Mahika speak out on World AIDs Day.

Actress RATI PANDEY shares, "From my point of view people suffering from AIDs should not be discriminated as different human beings out of any fear. There are lot of people who stay away from victims just out of fear. They are more scared of  the victims than the disease with such behaviour we are not only making the aid victims to suffer more but are not allowing them to live more by making them concious and that too just out of fear. So this should be always kept in mind that the aids victims should be treated very lightly, normally and cheerfully. I don't know about the cure medically but I can bet that we can at least make them survive more by treating them happily and normally without any discrimination, spreading love and smile makes lots of difference."

Actor ARJUN BIJLANI shares, "Celebrity participation makes a lot of difference. Generally people don't know about AIDS, like how it causes or about its symptoms. Celeb can make an effort to know about it and speak with masses which will sure create awareness."

Miss Teen Northeast MAHIKA SHARMA adds, "I do feel celebrities talks over any topic highlights the issue. That's how many brands uses celebrities faces to bring change in their sell. HIV is a great issue at the time and already many majors have been taken to make the issue open from Holly to Bolly or Big to Small screens."