FFACE gets ten fresh faces for thier next calendar

Kolkata, December 23, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): Celebs like director Raj Chakrabarty, Designer Sarbari Dutta, designer Indroneel Mukherjee, actress Sayani Dutta , producer Satrajit Sen and Jewellery designer Nilanjana Sengupta  came together to judge the final round of the audition of FFACE Calendar 2015.

The final round of this model hunt saw the shortlisted twenty models being auditioned for the top 10 spots which will place them on the FFACE calendar of 2015. The judges scrutinised the contestants’ confidence, knowledge, outlook and dedication.  It was a fun moment when Raj Chakrabarty asked one of them to enact a situation and dragged in Neil, the owner of FFACE, to play her boyfriend. 

          From Left: Indroneel Mukherjee, Sayani Dutta, Nilanjana Chakrabarty,Raj Chakrabarty and Satrajit Sen

In another case the judges were taken aback as they found one of the aspiring model to be a doctor, precisely dentist. The shocks, unlike the previous case, were always not happy for the judges.  They, at few instances, were stung by the fact that many of the aspiring models and actors possess so  less or no knowledge at all about Fashion and films related to Kolkata.


           From left: Akbar,Enakshi, Sreya, Ayoshi, Tanika, Neil, Anwesha, Kaushani, Saravasti, Kinkini, Ayishi, Sawastika and Moizz

FFACE (Fame Fashion and Creative excellence), the brainchild of Neil Roy had taken the city by storm early in 2014 as it launched its first calendar in a star studded night. Since then it has been growing as the most promising platform. A huge number of celebrity designers, actors and other experts form the mentor bench of FFACE .
Finally the names of the top ten models who made the cut were announced  and it read like this Enakshi, Sreya, Ayoshi, Tanika, Anwesha, Kaushani, Saravasti, Kinkini, Ayishi and Sawastika.
Neil promised that this time the Calendar launch event will be more grand and the theme will have many flavours of Kolkata.