Robi Ghosh and Bhanu starrer comedy ‘Galpa Holeo Satyi’ to be turned into a stage play by Suman Adhikary

Kolkata, December 17, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): ‘Galpa Holeo Satyi’ the hilarious comedy by Tapan Singha which starred legends like Robi Ghosh, Bhanu Bandhopadhaya  and  others became a milestone in Bengali film Industry. The 1966 film is now being adapted into stage play by Arshi Santoshpur, one of the most promising theatre groups of Kolkata. Suman Adhikary, the mastermind behind the project is also captaining the ship as the director.  

In a candid conversation with Washington Bangla Radio, he said, “We decided to bring on stage something which people can easily relate to. So after a bit of research we pick Galpo Holeo Satyi as it has all the elements to be turned into a great stage play. The movie had been a huge hit and is still counted as one of the greatest comedies in Bengali filmography. So people will be eager to see it on stage.”

                                       Suman Adhikary

The director also shared how he procured the script of this movie for the purpose. “We had contacted Anidya Singha, son of Tapan Singha who had made the film. Anindya singha though had given us the permission to go ahead the stage version of the movie, he didn’t had the script with himself. He suggested us to take a look at Jadavpur University SSTR. Unfortunately the script of the film could not be found there though scripts of around twenty other films by Tapan Singha happened to be there. So we decided to watch the movie and write it. “

When asked how much originality from the real script is being kept, Suman said “We have not changed the script much and has kept as much original as possible. Even the time period of the play will be of the film’s time period. Just a few changes have been made for the stage version.”

                                            A moment from the rehearsal

The director is well aware about the fact that the audience will be comparing the stage play and the performances with the original movie and the towering performances by the likes of Bhanu Bandhopadhaya and Robi Ghosh. He said, “Yes there will be huge expectations from the audience as they will be aware of the fact that it is the stage adoption of such a cult movie. So its huge challenge to fulfill the expectation. But I have full faith on my team and I can tell it for sure that we are not going to disappoint the audience.”

                                                   A moment from rehearsal

Suman who had been into theatre since a very early age has made some short films and is now working on a full length feature film which will primarily be targeting the International Film Festivals.