Seba Library in Atlanta organizes cultural evening with Elocutionists of Two Bengals


It was the Thanksgiving week, the weekend which brings the spirit of holidays. This is the time for family gathering, celebration and shopping. Big city like Atlanta was no exception from all of these, could be more due to being the busiest airport in the US.
During this time, a group of people were having a gathering at the heart of Atlanta; but this gathering was a very different type. People from two neighboring countries – India and Bangladesh who can speak Bengali gathered around to spend the Saturday evening to have a literary discussion, poetry reading and some cultural performances. The venue was a Library, SEBA Library which is a brain child of a Gentleman, Md. Harun Roshid. He originally started the library with his personal collection and then after almost a decade other people got involved to make his effort bigger. Now there are about 1800 books in the Library. In the United States almost all year long varieties of cultural programs are arranged by the associations from Bangladesh and different part of India. But people gathering entirely for literary exchange is a very unique idea and most probably one of a kind in the western world.
Feature artist of that evening’s program was the most popular and talented actor, anchor Satinath Mukhopadhyay from Kolkata, India. All other performers are originally either from Bangladesh or India currently residing at United States. The program started with songs by Chandra Sekhar Dutta, a well-known professional singer, accompanied by Arup Dhar. There were poetry reading by poets – Sajjad Biplab and Sikha Karmokar as well as by elocutionists -  Anwesha Ghosh and Subhasree Nandi. There were two Audio Plays. One of them was acted and directed by Satinath Mukhopadhyay along with Dr Tapan Chatterjee, Dr Soma Mukhopadhyay and Dr Keya Mukhopadhyay who are Scientists and Professor by Profession. In other audio play, actors were Shamimul Islam (play writer and actor) and Mita
Banerjee.All the programs were of very high quality and received well by the audience. Another performance needs to be praised is by a young lady, Trisha (Tanjima Islam) who being a second generation in this country sings wonderfully the folk songs and other classical songs of Bengal. Master of Ceremony was Subhasree Nandi who presented and compered the whole program very well.After the dinner, there was solo program by Satinath Mukhopadhyay. Bengal has a rich cultural heritage which was effected by the partition during the freedom fight of India. One of the initiatives of SEBA Library is to form a bridge between two parts of Bengal which was originally one state in India. Mr Mukhopadhyay’s performance was a clear reflection of that idea. He selected pieces and poems from a variety of genre and his presentation brought the characters alive whether they are from the time of Mahabharata or of 20th Century. His knowledge on Bengali literature was clearly apparent while the recitation and reading mesmerized the audience. In the audience, present were Md. Roshid by himself along with molecular biologist and poet Rudrashankar and other eminent personalities whose love for their mother language was very clear as they spent the evening to enjoy the literary presentation from two countries. Needless to say, the dinner was delicious which was prepared by the volunteers from the members of Library.

** Reported by Dr Soma Mukhopadhyay on behalf of SEBA Library.Atlanta, USA