Sreeparna Sings Two Albums in Two Styles - Par Excellence


Mriganka Majumder, Kolkata, December 19 (Washington Bangla Radio, USA) - When there is a will there is a way, this old saying proved its worth once again, courtesy Sreeparna Das Gupta. This young talent sings her way to fulfil her skyfull of wishes. She set out for her musical journey at a very young age and reached her first milestone with not one, but two albums, MON RE AMAR and MOHADESH .from Raga Music on November 22, 2013.  

This by no means is a small achievement. She has adapted two different singing style for her two albums. MON RE AMAR is a chosen compilation of Tagore songs and MAHADESH is her take to modern Bengali Songs. 

MON RE AMAR, being her first album is an attempt which is excellently rendered. The choice of songs is well supported by her rendition. Tagore’s twelve memorable songs are ceremoniously captured by her to give the audience a flavour Tagore’s spirit.

 Unlike other singers who took Tagore’s songs for granted and played it out in the loudly and ghastly manner, Sreeparna endearingly embraces Tagore’s lyrics and tunes with emotions in their places, intact. Santanu Chakraborty’s arrangements are good and soothing to ears but one would expect bit better performance from him as he tried to experiment with overall presentation. 


Sreeparna, is excellent in almost all the numbers specially ‘Koto Bar Bhebechinu, Beejon Ghore, Tomai Gan Shonabo, Sudhu Jawa Asa and Megh Boleche but keeping  her background and training in mind she could have reaches for the star with a bit more effort in one or two numbers. We would love to hear from her with less invasion of instrument, may be only her voice accompanied by nothing. She can cast the spell with less.  .  

She has a wonderfully sweet simple voice with trained shine in her presentations. Trained both in Classical music and Rabindrasangeet she holds the poised demeanour towards her music. Her Gururs include her Mother, Shri, Anjan Chowdhury, Dr. Goutam Nag and Ms Sraboni Sen. In between she was also s student of Dakshnee. 


Her second album MOHADESH unleashes another side of her singing style, which she can try even more than this attempt. Audience will surely love to hear more from her as apart from other numbers, the title track itself creates an intriguing and reverberating mood. In this album, lyrics are heart touching as well as thoughtful enough to enable its audiences to view present day’s perspective from a different plane. Interestingly in MOHADESH, Sreeparna flows more freely as if she found the solace in the lyrics as she keeps on humming the mood throughout the album. This obviously set the audience to wait eagerly for her next album. 

Launch of music was a success on November 22 at Symphony store, Kolkata with the presence of Anindya  of Shahor, Sidhu from Cactus, Sri Sukumar Samajpoti excellent footballer of yesteryears ,Saqi d lyricist n composer and Sweta Gupta from Raga music.

Sreeparna have managed playing this dual role on her debut but we would like to see how she looks at her future from here on. Hopefully her moral supporters, Sidhu of Cactus and her husband Koustav will keep pushing her for the next. Till then keep listening to her.