Kolkata Tunes to Classical Guitar – Asia’s Biggest Festival

Mriganka Majumder, Kolkata, December 18 (Washington Bangla Radio, USA) - Strings are tuned and air is ready to fill with an amazing association of music. The pickups are ready to give you the music of the decade. Kolkata for the coming four days will become the hub of classical guitar players., the biggest till date. They are going to present an event of a lifetime in ‘Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition 2013.’

December 19 to 22, four days world will see that  people of Kolkata flocking towards ICCR, Kolkata to attend 10 concerts of the masters and to enjoy the competitions. This can not be bigger than this. Kolkatan, you will surely love this, as each day the dais will glow with the tunes of the strings by Adam Del Monte, Andras Csaki, Johannes Moller, Lars De Rijck, Duo Nihz, Denis Azabbagic, Rahul Guha Roy and Amyt Dutta. 

Kolkata never asked for more than this nor they will sometime in the future. They are not going to forget these four days. This is an effort from Bickram Ghosh which will give Kolkatan the music they have aspired to hear. Not only the music lovers but also all the members of music fraternity of Kolkata will not going to give this festival a miss. This is truly India’s only and Asia’s largest conglomeration of classical guitar as claimed by the organizer. 


So, queue up in front of ICCR and grab your seat to get enthralled by the magical performances.