Kavita Seth Let the Music Tell her Agony


Mumbai. December 17, (Washington Bangla Radio, USA) - Kavita Seth dedicated a musical evening, Nirvana, in the memory of her beloved husband K. K. Seth. The heart churning numbers she performed at the Bhavans College’s campus were divine and established a sense of connection with your soul.

She through her powerful voice and beautiful poetry in her songs let the agony follow. She performed a concert in the memory of her husband who was also her mentor, friend and critic. On the second death anniversary of her husband, Kavita dedicated some of Kabir’s famous speech and some Sufi songs to her husband Seth (as she fondly calls him). Kavita’s speciality is to make Sufi songs presentable to common music lover is commendable. 

Chahe Dard De Chahe Saja De, Khuda Wohi Hai, Tere Khayal ki Khusbu, Yun Toh Naadan, Tujhe Dekh kar Gumaan, etc of her compositions she presented. Kavita presented a poetry which was written Bahadur Shah Zafar, "Yaar ki koi Khabar lata nahi" was very emotional one for the occasion. Kavita also introduced the audience to some songs from her upcoming album. The audience very so into the mood that they started to sing along the singer. 


At the end of the event, recalling her husband Kavita sung the song "Dard" song and hearing that all the people present became emotional and even Kavita’s eyes became moist.