''Khargosh'' to be aired on Doordarshan on Monday, December 16th

Mumbai, December 13, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Actor Sumit Sharma's film ''Khargosh'' will be aired on Doordarshan, in the category of Best of Indian Cinema; on Monday, December 16th at 11 pm. Sumit Sharma is a Delhi boy who has taken his acting training from the veteran actor Anupam Kher's Academy.

Previous to this Sumit has acted in few of the films, TV series and few commercials and he has also worked in the feature film ‘2 nights in soul valley’ directed by Harish Sharma. This time he is working in off-bit cinema. ‘Khargosh’ has ‘minimalist lyricism’ but brilliantly establishes the story with images and sound.

The film comprises a series of sensory experiences that gradually engulf Bantu (a ten years old boy who is also the protagonist). He carries billet-douxs between his tenant (Sumit Sharma) and a girl known only as “Mrityu” (Gauri). As the two become close, Bantu becomes consumed by Mrityu. She is transformed in his eyes from a salwar-kameez clad girl next door to a more seductive red-lipped sari-clad beauty. ‘Khargosh’ looks sideways at the stirrings of sexual desire in Bantu, a ten-year-old boy (Arhan Wilson). Director Paresh Kamdar’s ‘Khargosh’ is based on a short story by Hindi writer Priyamvad.


'Khargosh' has bagged three awards at the 11th Osian Cinefan Film Festival and also won one at the Madrid Film Festival 2010 in Spain.