Smita Gondkar Dreams of Osama Bin Laden Proposing Her!


By Faisal Saif, December 12, 2013, (Washington Bangla Radio): Marathi actress Smita Gondkar seems pretty cool about her lifestyle nowadays. Recently  while promoting her new Marathi film, Actress was not hesitant to comment about her personal life at all.

Smita's new film is called Majya Navryachi Bayko which obviously means My Husband's Wife. When the title was related to Smita's personal life, The actress jokingly reacted and said "I think my life itself is turning into a Joke after the mess that happened. You will not believe, But i dream of Osama Bin Laden walking up to me and proposing me with a Flower. He also says that i am so much famous due to my married life, Why don't i try a marriage with him too."

Majya Navryachi Bayko is about a wife who discovers her husband having another wife in his life and a comical chaos erupts. Co-incidentally, Smita Gondkar has filed a criminal case this year against her husband about his earlier marriage which was hidden from the actress. The matter is in the court and Smita hopes to get justice from Indian Law very soon.


Meanwhile, Smita Gondkar has completed another Marathi film called Gammat and she is also looking forward to perform in a controversial hard-hitting play which was originally staged by Amol palekar some 40 years back.


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