Sunny’s Jackpot Is Not Just Her Jism!


By Faisal Saif, Mumbai,  December 12, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio):-Talk  of Jism2 and Sunny Leone’s voluptuous body comes in front of your eyes. Now, the actress has shed her inhibitions in terms of histrionics and stepped out for her second most awaited Bollywood flick Jackpot.

Says director Kaizad Gustad, “Sunny’s character in Jackpot is very different. It has nothing at all to do with Jism. In Jackpot, Sunny plays a very strong independent woman whose one eye is constantly on the money.  She has her own agenda through the movie and we don’t quite know what that is.” Unlike Jism 2, in Jackpot, Kaizad says Sunny emerges on her own with her acting skills. “She is nobody s moll or girlfriend. “


Kaizad feels that the best thing about Sunny is her willingness to work and learn. “Sunny was absolutely fantastic. The best quality about her is the willingness to work hard and learn and that shows on screen. Sunny  may not have a lot of experience, but she works hard and is always trying to make it work for everybody.”


So what about Sunny diehards? “All I can say is that with Sunny, there is bound to be glamor. Sunny fans will not be disappointed.”


Washington Bangla Radio Mumbai correspondent Faisal Saif is co-editor of Global Movie Magazine and sub-editor of Youth Eye Magazine. A passionate Bollywood Feature News Writer and film critic, Saif is a regular contributor to Santabanta, Page 3 Bollywood, Orissa Diary, PardaPhash, NewsWala, The News Tribe, Bolega India and many more online and print journals. Saif lives in Mumbai and can be reached at thatfaisalsaif at gmail. faisal-saif