Bony Kapoor's 'Tevar' meets Adi Chopra's magnanimity

Photo Credit - R.Burman
Mumbai, December 12 (Washington Bangla Radio, USA) = Boney Kapoor's Okkadu remake is all set to roll in January. The film which was untitled till now has a name of its choice all thanks to Aditya Chopra's magnanimity. 

The story goes hence ...Boney Kapoor wanted the title 'Tevar' which he realised was with YRF as it was a favourite of Yashji's. 

When Arjun told Adi that they were keen to name the film Tevar, he gave him the title without any further delay. 

Tevar which means attitude, fits perfectly with the role Arjun is playing in the film hence making it apt. Yashji's large heartedness is legendary and Adi seems to have inherited that trait amply!