Deenga Diving Deep in Search of Musical Soul with DOOB SATAR


Kolkata, December 4 (Washington Bangla Radio) - They tried to hold on to the mast against all odds. They paddled furiously to cut across waves of denial to stay afloat. More importantly they never lost hope. They believed in themselves. They strum, they drum, they hum and they dive deep to pick the pearls. They are the sailors of the Deenga, the boat.

Deenga ‘s seven Vikings; Soumik Chatterje ( Vocals ), Rahul Misra (Bass), Nilanjan Samadder ( Guitar), Indrajit Das ( Keys), Punyadip Gupta ( Guitar), Biswadeep Biswas ( Violin), Indrajit ( Antu) –Skins ultimately won the battle when they released their album ‘Doob Satar’ under Universal Music’s banner. On October 8 Pt Tanmoy Bose, DJ Akash, Dipankar, Jojo Chaki, Gaurab Chatterjee and Ranjan Prasad Bose flagged of their new voyage from Crossword.

It took a little time for us to get down and lend our ears. But as the proverb goes better late than never, we are late but we are filled with Deenga’s 'Doob Satar.' This is a closely knitted performances by Deenga members.

Deenga is the firm believer of drawing inspiration from every aspect of life rather than creating a specific identity for their band or songs. In this album ‘Doob Satar,’ they followed their belief. Words are penned down by Nilanjan and Soumik and well supported by Soumik with his versatile voice. But Doob Satar is not only about Soumik. They have performed as a team with true spirit of band. Every one chipped in and delivered with equal ease and mastery.


Eight tracks are the mood changers as they take you to a tour of lifesketch. Ami Dekhechi is a soulful journey narrating the pains of two who were separated by time and united by death. Rai revives the immortal passion of Radha.  The reverberant track lasted hours as emotions come with sound drumming and bewitching tuned beats. Bhoot is a satirical dig on politics and political scenario as one can get the real picture with terse lyrics and zippy tune. Boga turns to be a philosophical number with positive vibe. The transition negativity is smooth and gives a meaning to life. Boli Ma Tor is another beautiful and touchy number, which narrates krishna’s plea to her mother.


Doob Satar is the perfect example of band that believes in teamwork and it reflects in each track. The cohesion and understating are visible and audible specially when vocal give bass, guitar, and drums the chance to form the resonance. Indrajit duo has done a commendable job while Rahul, Nilanjan, Punyadip and Biswadeep rowed the boat in a concorded manner. The entire team Deenga is responsible for each other as they come out with one goal – to give listener something that can be remembered for years. Although one or two numbers just stopped being called a superb but that can be erased with personal listening point.

If you want to get the taste of life and opt for music then you must try something unusual. In other words try to see the world upside down. Learn to swim underwater with ‘Doob Satar’ and get the hidden emotions float free out in the open.