Say ‘Yes to Life’ - Face Your Challenges with Smile


Kolkata, December 2, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio)  – Every time you face the hardship just smile and face it. This is the version of ace musician, vocalist and composer, Rimita Mukherjee. She recently organized a pre-launch showcase of her upcoming bilingual music album ‘Smile and Say Yes' To Life’’ at a city auditorium.  Rotary Club of Kolkata Dream City gave the prestigious platform to her to showcase the smile of life that can be spread among people living in despair. Present during the occasion were Dist. General Rotarian Rajani Mukherji, singers Swapan Basu & Jojo Mukherjee and Music Director, Joy Sarkar. The album has six songs and will be released on several digital platforms later this month.

“Smile heals the agony and music often articulates what otherwise is ineffable. Life often puts us into vilest crossroads, but the path we choose to come out from them defines who we are. One such juncture sowed the seeds of ‘Yes To Life’. I immersed into the creation and emerged into a better space, as I said ‘Yes To Life’.  As they say, if life gives you lemon, make some lemonade, I made mine. The album requests all those people who are fronting some difficulties in their life, to not run away from it. To push the problems away with positivity and say ‘Yes To Life’” said an ever smiling Rimita Mukherjee about the album.

There are three Hindi songs and three Bengali songs in ‘Yes To Life’, written by Azeim Malik, Krishnokoli and Saptarshi Majumdar and the music for all the songs are composed by Rimita herself.  Though Monochord, Rong and Gaan on the Rockss are some of her best-selling albums, she chose to release this album on online platforms. She wanted people from all over the world to have access to ‘Yes To Life’ while also giving them an opportunity to pick and pay for the individual songs from the album.  

Singer Jojo Mukherjee congratulated her for her endeavors in the field of music and Music Director Joy Sarkar said “I have worked with Rimita on some of her projects, and I respect her positive attitude. She always tries to present something new to her audience and surprises everyone in the process. I also adore her infectious smile which has transpired into her new album ‘Smile and Say "Yes' To Life’. Singer Swapan Basu encouraged her good work and also professed his happiness to be able to stay by her side for ‘ Smile and Say "Yes' To Life’.

Rimita, besides being a voice trainer at several institutes in Kolkata and Mumbai, also takes sessions of music therapy for acute depression patients on behalf of Anjali Mental Health Rights Organisation in Kolkata.