This Song That Song #TSTS, the Mecca for International Music Lovers

Washington, December 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): This Song That Song #TSTS, with its interactive content, fun contests and music based sub themes, has become THE place to be for all the international music lovers out there. Offering music trivia across different genres, This Song That Song provides the audience with lesser known facts about their favorite artists and bands. The page takes one back in time and interactively educates the user about a band/artist’s history, success and the story behind it all.

This Song That Song flaunts tid-bits about the origin of super-hit songs, the remixes, famous album covers, the (band) breakups, the anthems, artists that went solo and more – everything that any international music buff always wanted to know about the music and its celebrities. News that made headlines and captivated the world, is all here.


Making the readers go OMG! , they also feature all the weird and bizarre news and rumors that surface about the international music celebrities. From the most popular tracks to the latest albums, from concert reviews and calendars to awards, This Song That Song covers it all, giving the audience an ultimate destination for all things music.