Aschorjyo Pradip Film Review

Jyoti Prakash Mondal, Kolkata December 3, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): After the grand success of ‘Bhooter Bhovisyat’ director Anik Dutta presents ‘Achorjo Pradip’, another ambitious project. The film is based on a story by author Samaresh Majumdar and is inspired from the Arabian folklore of ‘Aladin and his magic lamp’.

Anilava Gupta (Saswata Chatterjee) is a middle class man who works in a condoms factory. He has a demanding boss (Arindam Sil) at office and a huge workload. At home he has another boss in form of his wife Jhumur (Sreelekha Mitra) and their school going son. They have every aspirations and limits of a middle-class family. The eternal crave for a better life and a bit more luxury is evident in all the family members, a trademark characteristic of every middle class Bengali family. Jhumur keeps comparing their lifestyle with relatively more wealthy friends and relatives and with the comparisons there comes the demand as complimentary package. Anilava tries to ease out some of his financial crunches by some compromising strategies which include comprising the comfort of a taxi and riding a crowded bus to pocket the conveyance allowance given by office, making his boss compromise in exchange of not exposing Boss’s compromising positions with his secretary and getting content in cheap brand of Rum rather than costly liquor.

But life changes when he stumbles upon an old lamp. Prodip Dutta (Rajatava), the modern day version of the genie appears and make all the worries of Anilava‘s life disappear. As every single materialistic aspirations of Anilava gets fulfilled some twists make him realise that life is not all about riches, pleasure and luxuries.

Saswata is as usual brilliant and no less is expected from someone who keeps raising his standard by leaps and bounds. Rajatava as the superbly adapting genie is a stunner. It good to see him taking deviating from the type casted characters of angry dad or treacherous villains. Sreelekha Mitra is just as natural as her character demands. Mumtaz do not have much to act in her brief role as model turned Bolyywood actress ‘Malamaal’ but her character will be remembered as one of the best implemented eye candy instrument in a Bengali film. Mumtaz is neither the leading lady nor her character has a huge impact in the film but still she will be on the top of the mind after the audience leave the theatre hall.

The script is again a hilarious one but it will be not right to compare it bluntly with ‘Bhooter Bhovisyot’. The audience are bound to be all ears again to the humorous one liners ranging from highly witty to extremely naughty.

Anik Dutta has again proved himself to be a neat director. One can hardly remember better flashy sequences in Bengali movies than those seen in this film. Two songs, i.e ‘More more dil maange more’ and the one featuring ace dancer Sudarshan Chakrabarty are visual delights. Overall the film is a good watch but only when one forgets ‘Bhooter Bhobisyat’ before taking a seat for ‘Aschorjo Pradip’. Comparative analysis should not make Anik Dutta feel that it was a faux pas for him to deliver a masterpiece in his debut. But Aschorjyo Pradip does show that this director has the ability to fulfill expectations, no matter how much he has raised it by himself. Anik Dutta can safely be predicted as the next big asset of Bengali film Industry.