Majnu Film Review

Jyoti Prakash Mondal, Kolkata, December 3, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): Majnu, the latest romcom by director Rajiv Biswas is a bitter sweet love story with a very predictable climax. Avik (Hiraan) has been sent to town by his father Subimal (Supriyo Dutta). Avik has been sent to Subhendu (Biswajeet Chakrabarty) one of his friends childhood friend’s house for staying and looking for a better job. Subhendu has a lovely daughter named Meghna (Srabanti) whose marriage is being arranged with Arun (Sujjoy Ghosh), an NRI who is the son of Meghnas father’s friend. Avik arrives at their house on the very day of Meghna’s engagement to Arun.

Meghna is the typical Bengali girl who accepts the choice of her parent while it comes to marrying. She is not exactly in love with Arun but has accepted the match gladly. But destiny had something else in mind. Arun and Meghna’s chemistry had a sweet bitter start. Avik is not exactly on the way to woo Srabanti initially and there is a lot of tit and tat between them. But ultimately they are struck by cupid. And tension begins in the family. What happens next is told through the rest of the plot which is a roller coaster journey with a very predictable climax as the destination.

The film is quite a good entertainer. Srabanti does her best in doing what she can do best, i.e. look chirpy and bubbly. But it seems that she is not much strict about her diet nowadays. This time audience is going to perceive Hiraan not much as a macho guy but definitely as a better actor. A nice come back from him. Hiraan’s performance in the film is definitely going to reduce the jokes about him and his fan club that are heavily doing rounds around.

Child actor Soumi also deserves a mention. She is one of the actors to watch for in the film and contributes nicely to some hilarious moments. Biswajeet and Kharaj Mukherjee’s acting brilliance is also a great asset to the films entertaining quotient. Sujoy Ghosh in his brief role as Meghna’s fiancée Arun does not go unnoticed.

The music is hummable and very expectedly some of the song sequences takes us to a foreign trip. Or rather to use more apt words, drags us out of the country. Is there a rule that a commercial movie cannot release unless there a few parts are shot abroad? Over all it must be said that Rajib has pulled off another commercial movie, with a few new treatments this time but the plot still looks much overused,  despite all the twists implemented. But at the end of the day, if a few mistakes in detailing is ignored, the movie can be termed as a nice popcorn entertainer.

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