Sada Kaalo Aabcha Premieres at Priya Cinema Hall

Jyoti Prakash Mondal, Kolkata, December 3, 2013(Washington Bangla Radio): Inspired by the Hitchcockian genre of film making, film director Ringo’s latest directorial venture Sada Kaalo Aabcha is a take on this genre of film making. The premiere show of this film took place at Priya Cinemas, Kolkata with many artists of the Tollywood film fraternity being present at the show.

Rana Mitra, who is making a comeback to Bengali films again with Sada Kaalo Aabcha was one of the first people to come to the premiere show after the director. The actor looked dapper in his dark brown trouser and the jacket. Rana plays the role of a police officer named Rajan Chetri in the film. “Compared with the other films that I have done so far, this is a different character altogether. I am thankful to Ringo who thought of casting me in this role. This kind of thriller will be a good break for the audiences who I feel might have got bored watching the rom-coms. Getting to see a different genre of film is always a break for them. I urge the audience to come and see this film. The treatment is unique and they will not be disappointed.”


In white trousers, black coat and dark rimmed spectacles, director Ringo looked confident. “I opted for this dress to match the name of the film Sada Kaalo Aabcha” said the director with a smile. The director was busy welcoming guests to the premiere show. Asish Vidyarthi was also among the guests who made it to the premiere show of the film. Before the film started, the director thanked Asish Vidyarthi without whose help Kranti (Ringo’s first film) would not have been made. He also introduced the characters in the film and the other crew members to the assembled audience before the start of the show.


The lady who made heads turn was Sayani Dutta. Looking sexy in the navy blue off shoulder dress, the actress posed for photographs. Her braided bun looked great and enhanced her facial features. The actress however did not divulge anything about her character and she thanked the director for having belief in her and for casting in the role.


Asish Vidyathi entered the premiere show along with his wife Rajasree Barua Vidyarthi. His mother–in-law Shakuntala Barua was also spotted with the couple. “Ringo thinks ahead of his times and I genuinely hope that the audience will understand his merit. 


The technicality in the film of Ringo is what attracts me most” said the actor. The other celebrities spotted at the premiere show were Arindam Sil, Subhrojit Dutta, Samrat Chakraborty, Aryann D Roy, Sudip Mukherjee, Anik Dutta, Arijit Dutta, Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bist Sengupta.