Music Launch of And Tribute To Gautam Chattopadhyay

Jyoti Prakash Mondal, Kolkata, December 3, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): “Gautam Chattapadhyay was a visionary. What he predicted of so many years ago is now a reality. The fact that we are so engrossed with the digital life that we lead, we often forget the real people around us. His song “Bhebe dekecho ki” is therefore an ideal song for the present scenario. Selecting this song for the film has been done so as to highlight the same scenario in

The character played by Prasenjit, Anjani Putra’s life becomes topsy turvy once the internet connection comes to his house” said director Gaurav Pandey. Apart from the director, Prasenjit Chatterjee, Sidhu, Gaurab Chatterjee, Raghav, Indraadip Dasgupta, Monomoy, Rupankar was the other dignitaries who were present at the occasion of the music launch of

Indraadip Dasgupta, the music director of the film felt that the music has an international taste to it. The Bengali songs have been given an international taste with the use of Western elements. The songs in this film have been sung by Arijit Singh, Sayani Palit, Partha Sarathi Bhattacharya and others. The song “Momo Chitte” has been shot in a water tank in Berlin with foreign dancers and an international choreographer. This has also given an international feel to the music of this film.


The film is about a school teacher named Anjani Putra who lives in a small village, Swarnakamalpur. He lives happily with his nagging wife Tanushree whom he lovingly calls Tanu. Anjani Putra is happy and content with his simple life. Under the grant from the school, along with the other teachers of the school Anjani Putra also had to install a desktop computer at his home. The computer causes a major change in his life. 


The film has been shot in Iceland. This is a first for the Bengali film industry. according to the director is a modern day thriller which will suit the tastes of the audience in recent times. the film also stars Moushumi, Rudranil Ghosh and Kaushik Sen in pivotal roles in the film.


Gautam Chattapadhyay was paid a tribute by all the assembled guests by singing the song “Bhebe dekecho ki”. Gaurab Chatterjee, his son led the group. “This is a great way to honor my father. I am so happy at the honor that is being bestowed on him. The fact that the song he wrote so many years ago is so popular even now is also a great feeling” said Gaurab Chatterjee. The film releases on the 6th of December.