Bengali Serial Tomay Amay Mile to Shoot In Pattaya

Kolkata, December 3 2013 (Kolkata): Going to a foreign locale for the shooting of a Bengali television soap is a rare thing to happen. But this is going to happen for the serial ‘Tomay Amay Mile’ which is being aired on Star Jalsa channel. Tollywood actor couple Jisshu Sengupta and Nilanjana Sengupta along with Riju Biswas and Roosha were present at a press meet to talk to the media about the serial.

The serial ‘Tomay Amay Mile’, is about a girl called Ushoshi, who aspires to be an IPS officer. She wants to break the boundaries of the narrow minded middle class values but is married off to Nishith, who is a self made man. This story is about Ushoshi's struggle to fulfill her dream. This is also about a journey where she finds help from the most unlikely quarter - a lover who can make it possible. Nishith wins the regional level cooking competition and gets the opportunity to fly to Pattaya to represent India in the international level.

Roosha Chatterjee who plays the role of Ushoshi in the serial was visibly very excited to be going abroad. “This is my first trip abroad and I am so very excited about the trip. It is in this trip that my character will be finally wearing some other dresses apart from saris. What I will be wearing is a surprise for the audience and hence I will not be revealing about the dresses” said Roosha with a smile. When asked about the similarities with her onscreen character, the pretty lady smiled and said “There is hardly much similarity between the two of us. I am not so quiet a girl as Ushoshi and neither am I so courageous. I am just a girl next door”. 


Riju Biswas who plays the role of Nishith was however glad at being accepted by the audience despite his not so glamorous looks in the serial. The actor said “I am glad that this character has been getting so much popularity among the people. When I took up the role many people thought that this character will not be appreciated by the audience. But thankfully I have been able to prove them wrong”. The biggest challenge that the actor had to face was to learn the various hand movements when cooking. “Since my character knows how to cook, I had to practice and get my movements right. Or else the character will not credible to the audience” said Riju. The actor also mentioned that when the foreign trip was planned, he somehow had misplaced his passport. He again had to apply for one and get it done.


The shooting of the serial will be done in places like the Buddha Temple, High pier and many other places, revealed Nilanjana Sengupta. Jishu Sengupta hoped that the serial will become the number one show after these episodes are aired. The production team which will be working on this serial is the same one which had earlier worked in films like Hangover 2 and Don 2. The main objective of showing this foreign trip in the serial is to show that the trip can be afforded by middle class families like the family of Nishith.