Music, Cinema and More at Mindscape Festival 2013

Mumbai, December 2, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Mindscape 2013—The Festival of Ideas is all set to take Navi Mumbai by storm. The second edition of this three-day festival will take place from December 6-8th at the prestigious CIDCO Urban Haat venue in CBD Belapur.

Guitarist Shrikant Sreenivasan of Coshish, percussionist Shyam Edwankar, NCL Collectiv, filmmaker Shilpa Ranade, storyteller Rohit Nair, photographer and visual archivist Anusha Yadav (L’Oreal Paris Femina Women Achiever's Award winner—2013), journalist Naresh Fernandes and many other noted personalities from various other disciplines including behavior architecture, agriculture, bio-engineering, visual design and social work will be present.

Mindscape 2013, an initiative which aims to promote music, cinema, storytelling, photography, visual design, entrepreneurship, behavior architecture, social work, agriculture, bio engineering and history, will be hosted by X-PiCan, the alumni association of PiCA (Pillai's College of Architecture), Navi Mumbai.


The event is free of cost to attend, and the schedule follows below.

Friday, December 6th:

  • Shyam Edwankar l The Art of Percussions (6:30pm)
  • Shilpa Ranade l Retelling a Tale: The Film, Goopy Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya (7:30pm)
  • Shrikant Sreenivasan l Music, Mind & Segmentation (8:45pm)

Saturday, December 7th:

  • Rohit Nair l Stories About Hope & Failure (5:30pm)
  • Anusha Yadav l Indian Memory Project (6:30pm)
  • Biju Dominic l Behavior Architecture (7:15pm)
  • Dr. Myshkin Ingawale l The Power of Intention: Think, Make Do (8pm)
  • Naresh Fernandes l Jazz Comes to Bollywood (8:45pm)

Sunday, December 8th:

  • Robin Chaurasiya l The Kranti Story (6:30pm)
  • Sanvar Oberoi l The Hemp Story (7:15pm) 
  • Prashant Godbole l Ideas@Work (8pm)
  • NCL Collectiv l New City Limits (8:45pm)