Neeraj Pandey Releases The Motion Poster For His Book Ghalib Danger

Mumbai, December, 2, 2013 (Washington, Bangla Radio):

“Hain aur bhi duniya mein Sukhanwar bahut acche
Kehte hain ki Ghalib ka hai Andaaz--‐e--‐bayan aur.”

Director Neeraj Pandey, who has directed films like A Wednesday and Special 26, has released the motion poster of his very first novel Ghalib Danger. The book revolves around a young taxi driver turned don Kamran Ali aka Ghalib Danger. Kamran stays in Mumbai with his girlfriend Salma and is content with his life. However, one day his life transforms when he saves a don called Mirza from the underworld. The book takes you through the transformation of a young taxi driver, who gets drawn into the mafia boss’s murky world of cops and rival gangsters.

Neeraj Pandey is best known for writing and directing the critically acclaimed movies- A Wednesday and Special 26- for which he has won various awards including the National Award for Best Director for A Wednesday.

Talking about the release of the motion poster for the novel, Neeraj Pandey, the author-director states, “It seemed like an excellent idea to give the readers the look-and-feel of Ghalib Danger, before they could actually get their hands on the copies. We have tried to include all the elements in this unassertive yet self-explanatory motion poster with Ghalib’s verses as a voice-over accompanied with the background score.”

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