Onkita's Rhythm and Raagas – An untraded path travelled with effortless excellence


Kolkata, December 2 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Onkita Banerjee curves a niche with the mild sounds of memories and mellowed descriptions of feelings in her debut album ‘Rhythm and Raagas.’ She carefully deserted the much-strolled path of Rabindrasangeet singing style, which is quite unlikely for a new artiste. 

Her disassociation from the contemporary trends makes all the differences. In ‘Rhythm & Raagas,’ she does a commendable job by binding the songs to a certain soundscape. Her captivating and effortless presentation style is a rarity these days. All songs will leave the trail of echoed memories and guide the mood centripetally towards them.

The first track “Sooni Sooni”, is a bilingual rendition, which uses lines from both Hindi and Bengali. This track lays an allusion of folk in its rustic nature with Onkita’s tonal transcendence. The effect is more obvious when she smoothly changes language from one to another. “Kon Banke” feels different with the use of Electro Beats and Sarangi pieces.


“Kuch Door” has a reprising and soothing feel to it, with Flute, Mouth Organ and very fleeting rhythms of Ghattam. “Beetein Woh Din” although cites its inspiration from Hariharan’s famous ghazal ‘Kaash’; sounds somewhat similar to Shrikanto Acharya’s ‘Musafirana’.

A self-confessed fan of Rekha Bharadwaj, Onkita adapts her styles in some places, which is a commendable job for a newcomer. Most of the songs in the album are hummable and you will be awed by their splendor. Out of the eight tracks, five are bound to give you the reverential feelings . There is a certain fondness toward Carnatic style and instrumentation which with time shall pass.  

Onkita’s voice has a haunting effect that makes it perfect choice for this album. But an unplugged number is something we will be looking for in her next venture, till then its ‘Rhythm and Raagas all the way.