Ashmaan – A musical journey to paint the sky with earthy emotions


Kolkata, October 6, (Washington Bangla Radio)  -  Relentless city life always pushes hard for fresh air and lost emotions. Ashmaan is the space where one can hum the tunes to breadth fresh air. Telling renditions of city’s emotions by Anushree Gupta and Sukanti Roy have painted the sky with their enriching voice and electro-acoustic strumming. Surprisingly, this is their debut album.

On October 5, 2013, at Plush of The Astor, Kolkata, the album released by composer Joy Sarkar and singer Lopamudra Mitra along with Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee. Cozmic Harmony is the main force behind the release of ‘Ashmaan’ as Red Molecule co-produced it. Both Joy Sarkar and Lopamudra Mitra were in love with the album for its originality and fresh approach.

The album is the result of debutant duos hunt for ‘new’ in music mixed with passion and love. All songs are in Bengali, written and sung by Anushree whereas composed and programmed by Sukanti. Sukanti is also the creative brain behind the album artwork as he kept it simple yet enigmatic.

The Song Du-Paa’ will give the joy and elation of freedom. Freedom from loneliness. Du Paa celebrates life at fullest. Chobigan on the other hand will lead you to the world of fantasy and nostalgia where memories play with hidden emotions. Almost all the songs in this album will take to the journey where one would like to be with oneself yet looking for the sky for hope. Hope for the perfect tune of city life.


Ashmaan’s endowment lies within its musical novelty. Debutant duo has painted the mind-scape with emotional weaving. Anushree is elaborately magnificent in this album and Sukanti is preciously perfect with the arrangement and composition.

Ashmaan is a relief for the city dwellers, who are suffering from emotional loss, a reverberating eloquence of life and an expression of music in a completely new way.