BAWALI UNLIMITED (2012) - a reason to laugh aloud: WBRi Bengali Movie Review

By Barshali Banerjee

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Bawali Unlimited (Bengali, 2012) Music Release in Kolkata

Kolkata, Dec 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bawali Unlimited is the latest Indian Bengali comedy movie directed by Sujit Mandal and one of the most hilarious additions to the list of laugh riots of 2012.

The film has been produced by Pankaj Agarwal. Overall, the Kolkata Bangla movie has kept it's promise to make it's viewers laugh throughout it's 90 minutes.

‘Bawali Unlimited’ is a combination of fun, mischief and lots of love, and justifies it's title.

Watch: Oh Amar Strawberry Oh Amar Phooljhuri Song from Bawali Unlimited

The film marks the first time the lead star cast of Payel Sarkar, Joy Mukherjee and Saurav Nandi appear together, and that too in a comedy film.

The story of Bawali Unlimited commences with two guys Santu and Pappu from different districts of West Bengal. Santu (Joy Mukherjee) is a young, charming boy of a suburb who dreams of being a film hero no less than Tollywood superstar with a huge female following. Hailing from a traditional middle class Bengali family, he unfortunately finds it difficult to fulfill his dream.

Pappu (Saurav Nandi) is a farmer's son from Birbhum district who aspires to own a Mercedes Benz showroom and flaunt a merc.

Both of them travel to Kolkata to pursue their ambition and meet in the metropolis by chance. Their innocence does not do them well in the city, and soon they lose all their money and become penniless. At this point they separately find newspaper advertisements that bring rays of hope in their lives.

Even though the story, and even the dialog, are not terribly original, the film does deliver a lot of uniquely funny moments. Along with his fellow acting powerhouse Rajatabha Dutta, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty plays a role of a genre he has not been seen in much. His romantic antics towards dance teacher ‘Sonia’ are sure to elicit much laughter, especially in the song ‘Oh my Strawberry’ - a replica of a Hindi song that illustrates Sabyasachi’s ability in comedy and a remarkable dance style.

Joy delivers credible performances as both a macho hero and a middle aged dance teacher,  pushing Saurav just a little behind in acting prowess. Payel is an accomplished actress but she was constrained by her role as a girl to be played with by the duo.

Sujit Mandal showcases the magic Tollywood hero Dev brings to the silver screen by bringing him in for a grand finale which should have the audience standing up to cheer.

Music is another important element to appreciate in the movie. The title track Bawali Unlimited, Oh amar strawberry and the peppy number with a melancholic touch Bhul korechi are decent attempts by music director Savvy Gupta.

Bawali Unlimited provides a serious option for rounding up holiday festivities as we go into the new year.