Popular Indian Punjabi Music Channel Goes Live on Mobile with Yamgo TV

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English: South Korean Digital Mobile Television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mumbai, Dec 4, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / OPENPRESS) 9X Tashan which is India's number one Punjabi Music Channel has partnered with Yamgo TV to release and distribute its video content on mobile TV. Popular animated characters such as Bhabhi, Ullu da patha, Chote Bade & Falli Balli will now be available on mobile TV through this association.

Talking about this development, Ms. Vibha Gosher, SVP - Digital - 9X Media said "Our partnership with Yamgo TV will help us release the popular 9X Tashan videos and also take our popular characters closer to their fans. This association will provide a great opportunity for music listeners to enjoy various genres of music."

9X Tashan is a leading Punjabi music channel with a twist. Traditional music superstars have been replaced with animated characters such as Bhabhi, Ullu da patha, Chote Bade & Falli Balli which offer wide appeal to a variety of audiences. These characters are known as the 9X Tashan Gang on the Channel.

The 9X Tashan Gang:


The most popular animated characters on 9XM are now set to entertain the Punjabi speaking viewers with their hilarious animated show called Bakwaas Band Kar.


Cute, pretty, sexy, naughty, spicy and experienced, Bhabhi who will play the perfect agony aunt.

Falli — Balli

They are the gym instructors who always have very interesting trivia about films and sports to share with the viewers.

Ullu Da Patha

He is a wannabe Punjabi rapper who thinks that he is very handsome, super-cool and a fantastic singer.

Delivering video clips of premium content, Yamgo is a mobile TV distribution network which allows viewers to watch their favourite channels. Available on over 1,000 devices Yamgo streams channels to millions of viewers via their Internet enabled mobiles, tablets and computers.

CEO of Yamgo TV, Ian Mullins "We couldn't be more pleased to have 9X Tashan on board the Yamgo mobile TV network. We've had a great response from our viewers since the launch of 9XM and we hope to achieve the same with 9X Tashan."

9X Tashan is available to view on Yamgo via all leading mobile platforms and devices including iOS, Blackberry, Android and other Internet enabled mobile phones and media tablets. The Yamgo app can be downloaded via the Yamgo Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/YamgoTV/app or viewers can watch direct from the mobile site www.yamgo.mobi.