Leander Paes to Debut as Actor in Rajdhani Express : Point Blank Justice (2013) Bollywood Film

Interview: Ace Tennis Player Leander Paes on his Bollywood Hindi Film acting debut

Leander Paes ATP Tennis Professional

Leander Paes ATP Tennis Professional (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

Mumbai, Dec 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Free-Press-Release.com) The producer of “Rajdhani Express : Point Blank Justice” Rajesh Patel has great hopes for the film and mentions that the film will never forget its underlying essence to entertain while spreading a social message to the masses. The film will subtly hammer the message and let it sink in rather than assume a preachy tone.

The movie is all the more special as it marks the Bollywood Hindi movie debut of ace tennis player Leander Paes . The makers claim that the star cast is excellent and talented with versatile acting abilities and these have been showcased in an excellent manner in the film which will surely strike a chord with the viewers.

Rajesh Patel spoke in an exclusive interview and mentioned that he as an individual as well as his production company stands by the same vision as that which has been depicted in the film. With the aid of his film the maker also wishes that it precipitates an intellectual debate.

The star cast too holds the film in high esteem. In fact, actor Mukesh Rishi who is also a part of the film seems very optimistic while speaking to the media about his forthcoming film Rajdhani Express . He also hopes that he will be able to excite the press and wishes that the press will spread a positive word about the film.

He also speaks about his experience of working with ace sportsman Leander Paes. Mukesh also claims that Leander is a very humble person and he was lucky that Paes had been given the opportunity to make his debut in Bollywood through this film. Although there was an unexpected delay in the film seeing the light of the day, yet the makers take it in their stride and accept it all as part of the game.

Presently, Rajdhani Express is all set for release on 4th January 2013 and the makers are optimistic that the timing is just right for the release.